I get inspired by so many things, fashion magazines, old movies, a store window, flower gardens.  Fashion is everywhere you look, sometimes you just have to use your imagination.

Once you have an idea, if you can sketch, do a drawing of your design. Then on to your pattern.  Since I cannot draft my own patterns, I usually look for a pattern that is simular to the design i’m wanting to create then I will modify that pattern to work.

I almost always do a test garment first using cheap muslin fabric, I have been quilty of just going forward with the original fabric i’ve picked out and have wasted lots of nice fabric. I recommed that you do a test garment first to save money.

The inspiration for this piece is the theme of a fashion doll convention i’m attending in October “60’s Mod/Pucci”

I knew I wanted to do a simple piece so I did some research on Pucci and found a style I liked, found the perfect sixth scale fabric, made my muslin test using a modified Barbie pattern and WaaLaa the finished piece.  I originally wanted to add micro mini sequins, Pucci was very big on sequins on their designs but the fabric was a stiffer fabric and adding the sequins would have made it stiffer so I made the decision not to add them.

I’m happy with how it turned out, I made the silver chain belt using oval “O” rings and normal circle “O” ring.  I used black tights that I already had. She needs a purse but that will be another post.

More later…..



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