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Centerpiece eye candy


Every event at the Wu convention was better then the rest, I saw the raven haired doll with the orange outfit and just flipped. She was the centerpiece for the second luncheon.  How approprate for a fall event.  Her facemold is Tatyana, upon closer inspection her facemold is a bit strong jawed, kind of manly even.  My thrill died down at home, not sure if I will be keeping her now.

The Erin in a colorful sequined dress was gorgous and another of the centerpieces.  I really wanted her but then I wanted one of everything I saw. I couldnt buy them all so I passed on her. I’m now kicking myself. She is such a stunning doll and you gotta love the blingy dress.



Wow to Wu


I  had no idea what to expect when I arrived in Chicago for the Wu convention.  It was a first for me not only for the convention but to be in Chicago.  I packed for cold weather after talking to a few friends that had been in Chicago this time of year. I stepped off the plane into a heat wave!  My warm clothing wasnt a total waste as the hotel seemed to be below zero at any given time.  The hotel was beautiful though,  5 star all the way.

The first event was on Thursday night “The opening reception” the tables were set up with ten places, each place had a fun yellow capree set with embrodery on the top. The centerpiece was a beautiful Kyori in a red and black outfit with a large black hat. I won the chance to purchase Kyori at the bargan price of $175……..

After our yummy dinner of baked chicken with carrots and potatoes, Alan Trembly got on stage with two of the top designers (not Jason) and had questions from the attendees, we saw some new dolls in the making.  At the end of the night each attendee got a blonde Anya doll in a fun black and white dress with green accessories, I havent decided if i’m going to sell these so I didnt want to remove them from the boxes.  I think they are both beautiful dolls.

Everyone left the banquet hall with big smiles………

More on the convention in a few days.